God can also use the office of the prophet to do prophetic presbyteries. God can use this ministry to establish leadership in the church to minister to members of the church together in a prophetic sense, and as a team. This ministry activity is a prophetic presbytery. It is initially done to encourage members and leaders of a local church, and to provide specific directions from God to individuals. It’s usually done by the laying on of hands. It’s called a presbytery because it is usually performed by elders in the Office of the Prophet.


Conduct a Prophetic Presbytery in your local church.

  1. Invite ministry leaders and faithful church volunteers to a morning of prophetic presbytery.
  2. Candidates must line up while the prophets in the office give personal prophetic words to them.
  3. The goal is to confirm what God has been telling them or to encourage them with a new call from God.



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Pray that the Lord will increase the clarity and intensity in the office of the prophet and the prophetic ministry it oversees.