It’s dangerous and foolish for a Christian to say, “I’ll go ahead and sin, because afterward, I can ask God to forgive me.” People who say they are Christians but repeatedly and deliberately sin, probably aren’t Christians at all (Rom. 6; 1 Jn. 3:7–10; 5:1–5, 18); and true believers who adopt that careless attitude will be disciplined by the Father until they submit to His will (Heb. 12:3–15). To make it more specific to our context, saying, “I won’t give my tithe or offering this week because I have too many things to pay for, God would forgive me” is risky, knowing full well what God commands about this matter. The fear of the Lord motivates a person to obey, but His blessings and protection flows from it as well.

Fourth, the Lord also commands us to remember Him. A busy life can have so many distractions. When it comes to receiving our paychecks, giving our tithes and offering is an instant reminder that everything you have comes from the Lord. It’s not your strength or power that got you this piece of fortune. It’s best to start the day with this prayer from the Book of Psalms, “I will praise the Lord. I won’t forget anything he does for me” (Ps. 103:2).



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