Numbers 15 was both a rebuke and a promise. It was a rebuke that was addressed to those who doubted that the Lord could bring them to the Promised Land. The promise is if the future Israelites were able to offer such substantial meals to their God, then they themselves would hardly go hungry. The tithes and the offering was a measure of how abundant a people is. It is a declaration of the wealth God blessed them with.

The context of this command to bring in extravagant offering is that there would be abundant food for all. Nevertheless, alongside the implicit rebuke is a clear promise of grace for the future: in the days ahead, the Lord will enjoy fellowship with his people on a continuing basis. God and man will have fellowship, and it would be grand.

The Lord has been patient with Israel, as He is patient with us. God brought them safely out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, yet at the threshold of the entrance to the Promised Land, they become victim to fear and unbelief. They believed the bad report about the nature of the land and the strength of its occupants (Num. 13:32). Joshua and Caleb plead with them to trust the Lord, but the people wanted to stone them to death.



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