Representatives are speech acts that commit the speaker to a certain belief or idea. Assertions and assumptions fall under this. Conclusions and fact statements are also categorized here. It doesn’t have to be necessarily true, it just has to be what you think is true. Thus, “the earth is flat” would be a good example of this.



A book that is full of representatives in the Bible would be the book of Job. Here, we find Job’s friends making statements that are untrue, and yet are considered true to them. And here, we find Job and God making assertions about the identity and power of the Lord. Let’s take a look at when God finally asserted His identity to Job and his friends:

“Who created the ocean? Who caused it to be born?

9 I put clouds over it as if they were its clothes. I wrapped it in thick darkness.

10 I set limits for it.

I put its doors and metal bars in place.

11 I said, ‘You can come this far.

But you can’t come any farther.

Here is where your proud waves have to stop.’

12 “Job, have you ever commanded the morning to come?

Have you ever shown the sun where to rise? 13 The daylight takes the earth by its edges

as if it were a blanket.

Then it shakes sinful people out of it.

14 The earth takes shape like clay stamped with an official’s mark.

Its features stand out

like the different parts of your clothes.

15 Sinners would rather have darkness than light.

When the light comes, their power is broken. (Job 38:8-15)


Representatives are powerful statements that could sum up what is true about a person and what is true to a person. As such, it is most important that we know our identity, as well as the identity of the Lord. Our truth should be aligned to what the Lord says.


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