Commissive is very much a commitment to do what the speaker has intended. It connotes a future voluntary action, and this includes vows, transactions, promises, and oaths. Marriage vows, “I take you to be my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part,” definitely fall under commissives. Pledging allegiance to the flag or to the nation also falls under the category of commissives.


Lighter connotations of commissives include, “I’ll be there in ten minutes;” and “I’ll help you with your homework.” Anything that connotes a form of commitment to do something is included, whether the words “I vow,” or “I promise” are part of the statement or not. As such, the wisest man to have lived, King Solomon, implores us:

When you make a promise to God, don’t wait too long to carry it out. He isn’t pleased with foolish people. So do what you have promised. It is not good to make a promise and not keep it. It is better to make no promise at all. Don’t let your mouth cause you to sin. Don’t say to the temple messenger, “My promise was a mistake.” (Ecclesiastes 5:4-6)


We have to be wise with the way we say words, not just to God, but to other people. As Christians, we should be trustworthy people who keep our word, whether we explicitly promised or not.

In the same breadth, the act of refusal also falls under commissive. Again we are implored by Jesus:

“Again, you have heard what was said to your people long ago. They were told, ‘Do not break the promises you make to the Lord. Keep your promises to the Lord that you have made.’ But here is what I tell you. Do not make any promises like that at all. Do not make them in the name of heaven. That is God’s throne. Do not make them in the name of the earth. That is the stool for God’s feet. Do not make them in the name of Jerusalem. That is the city of the Great King. And do not make a promise in your own name. You can’t make even one hair of your head white or black. All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Anything more than this comes from the evil one. (Matthew 5:33-37)

Our commitment to our yes and no should be binding and true.



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