After God’s Approval, Not Man’s 

Because we desire to make other people happy, it might be difficult to decline their requests. Imagine if you were invited to a drinking event at your old college. You are aware that drinking contradicts your ideals and convictions, but you continue doing it anyway. On the other hand, you did not respond negatively to appease and wow the people in your immediate environment. What do we get in the end? You ultimately found yourself acting in a way that was contrary to your own beliefs, which may have been a sin in God’s eyes. The truth is that we need to figure out how to give our “yes” to God while simultaneously providing our “no” to the world around us.

To show God proper reverence when we decline an offer, we must first evaluate the circumstance and determine whether or not the proposed action will be honorable to God and helpful to ourselves. In the initial evaluation, there is only a tiny amount of room for interpretation. As Christians, we are aware of the things that are acceptable and respectful in the eyes of God. The second consideration, on the other hand, may present some challenges. This is because seeing something could feel like a good idea at the time, but it could put a precarious situation in the long run.

It is not rude to others or selfish to put your convictions ahead of those of others; instead, doing so demonstrates that you put God and your beliefs first. On the other hand, it is about having self-control and self-discipline and achieving victory over oneself. In addition, our refusal to comply demonstrates that we are more concerned with honoring and pleasing God than man. According to Paul, when we show that we are disciples and servants of Christ by choosing to please God rather than the people around us, we bear witness as Christ’s disciples (Gal.1:10).


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