21st-century Fatherlessness

Many kids in modern are spiritually clueless because they don’t go to church or meet other Christians. It’s a good thing that some Christians have taken on making sure that thousands of kids in the modern world don’t think the Bible is true.

We hope more and more believers will develop creative ways to make the Bible and Christ appealing to kids in their neighborhoods. Many Christians and people who don’t believe in God worry about how morally vulnerable children are in today’s world.

Many kids lost their innocence at a young age because they didn’t have parents who were responsible and moral. They were exposed to pornography, were abused physically, emotionally, and sexually, and had their innocence taken away by these things. There should be many happy memories from when a child is very young until older. Many children have never had a home where they could feel loved, safe, and happy. As long as people deliberately mistreat small children in this life, they can expect God to punish them severely in the next.

Warnings in the Bible

Warnings about corruption, tyranny, and inequity were critical in Israel, but they weren’t enough. When the Hebrew prophets talked about corrupt judges and judges who didn’t care about the needs of the poor, they said that many times. They went to great lengths to get more silver in the northern kingdom of Amos, and he said that they even sold the needy “for a pair of sandals.” This is what happens when greedy people are in charge of things. They stomp on poor people’s heads, afflict the righteous, and take money from the good people.

Because they were greedy and wanted bribes, the people in the southern kingdom (Judah) didn’t help the fatherless or the poor. They didn’t even think about them. A judge who took money from the guilty and didn’t let the innocent get justice was one of the things that he knew about. They were so focused on getting rich that they took away the rights of the poor, made widows their prey, and stole from the fatherless.

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