Prophetic Teaching

Preaching and prophesying are different activities. Prophecy is a spontaneous revelation of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, while preaching is normally done by speaking biblical truths, which have been studied, researched, and organized for the sake of presentation. Preaching proclaims the logos (written word), while prophecy declares a rhema (fresh revelation) from the Spirit of God.

When the prophet in the office speaks, the Holy Spirit supplies rhema from the logos.

The office of the prophet can operate on both levels. There are even times when the Holy Spirit can move in on the prepared teaching and modifies it, even when the speaker has prepared a different message. The Holy Spirit can change the prepared teaching drastically by revealing illustrations and examples that can grip the hearers of the message. The quickening of the heart of God is experienced by the people through the pulpit. Most of the time, when the prophet in the Office speaks, the Holy Spirit supplies rhema from the logos.

This occurrence does not mean that the speaker or the prophet must skip bible study and message preparation all together, with the assumption that the Holy Spirit will give them their message and preach their sermon for them. The Lord wants even the prophets to be excellent in their duty. On the other hand, it is also dangerous and counterproductive to resist the Spirit of God’s leading, and strictly stick to one’s notes. The Holy Spirit can lead the prophet preacher, and he must yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The Holy Spirit can lead the prophet preacher, and he must yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Let’s look at the attributes of prophetic preaching:

  • It is a biblical truth. Any prophetic message must conform to and be subordinate to the written Word of God, which is our standard of judging.
  • The illustrations and examples and even the phraseology are precisely what God desires to communicate.
  • The hearer will have the impression that God is speaking directly to him or her.
  • This type of message, with its prophetic instructions, admonitions, etc. is like a prophecy for that group of people.
  • Prophetic preaching is typically delivered by someone who holds one of the five-fold offices (prophet, pastor, apostle, teacher, evangelist).

Deliver a Prophetic Preaching

  1. Pray to the Lord to equip you for delivering prophetic preaching.
  2. Take note of the qualities of prophetic preaching above.
  3. You must be able to share this word to a small group or to your local church worship service.
  4. Keep in mind that you must prepare for this message, but you must also dedicate this message to the Lord.
  5. Ask for rhema for the logos.



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