Prophetic messengers

Real authors compose every day. Real authors don’t look for distinction or reputation, though such can occur. Genuine essayists? Aren’t all journalists genuine? Indeed, I would say not. Real writers are compelled to write. They are dedicated composers and to not compose isn’t a choice, composing is an unquestionable requirement. Fortunately, writing is a creative work that can be perfected through prolific reading and writing.  The call to compose is a task; it’s a blessing from paradise. Prophetic messengers who write do so to be read.

Destiny as a Writer

Prophetic messengers have a heavenly task that can’t be halted. Is it true that you are called to compose prophetically? Has God appointed you to be one of His Scribal Commanders? Do you compose on the grounds that you want to co-author with Holy Spirit and offer God’s heart to the world? real authors compose every day. Have you situated yourself to turn into His prepared author? Are you willing to count the cost required to fulfill your destiny as a writer?

Social Message

I posted a Facebook message that said, “When an understudy is prepared, the educator shows up.” Are you prepared to take your writings to the nations? Is it true that you are happy with writing even if you don’t get paid a dime? Are you enthusiastic about having the “pen of a prepared author? ” When God called me to build up The Writer’s Zoe International, I never purposed in my heart to write prophetically.  I was driven by the desire to fulfill my call as a writer.  At the point when God murmured His insider facts as I focused on daily journaling, I did not understand that I would turn into a reformer, a change specialist, a scribal guardian. I coauthor with Holy Spirit to assist other prophetic writers with recognizing, developing, and fulfilling their call to compose.

My writing may only be read by a few, but even if only one person reads it I have done my part.  So, what are you waiting for?

Get your pen and WRITE!