A lot of things you do will contradict where you are in consciousness. You might be a woman making a lot more money than people expect, what might be considered a man’s salary. Why? Because you have a prophetic progression happening inside you, in consciousness, that is putting you in another world of limitations. But understand that you can only move in prophetic progression when you understand prophetic direction.


Use what you have to provide the vacuum, and then draw upon the necessary elements to fill it. Compare it to getting a new wardrobe: to make room for the new articles of clothing you’ll be bringing home, you have to remove some of the old pieces from the closet to create a vacuum.


Use what you have to get what you want. Reach up with your stalk, spread out your branches. Provide the pull, and you can let your roots search for the necessary nourishments. Your seed is at work behind the scenes.


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they

shall be filled (Matthew 5:6).


First, I thirst, and then I thirst no more. First you have to thirst for prosperity, and then you can come in to prosperity. Why was it that the first generation that tried to enter into the Promised Land with the Nation of Israel did not succeed? Because they did not actually thirst for the Promised Land. Their appetite was for God, for complaining to Him and blaming Him for not giving them what they thought they wanted. Sometimes there is a tendency to be so busy looking at the limitations or looking at the struggle that we can’t see the thing that is sitting right in front of us and waiting for us to claim it.


God is a wise God. He prepared everything for you. And then, He created the desire for the things you need, and placed it in your heart. As you desire these things, God takes pleasure in blessing you.


God is a good God. Let go of the mindset that you have to perform to deserve the blessings that God already prepared in advance for you to have. You and I deserve nothing. But Jesus made a way so that we can have everything, according to His glorious riches. We don’t need to perform or to be the best.


Stop trying to perform. Stop trying to do it your own way. Stop depending on your cash, on your job, and your capabilities to provide for yourself. You will always come up short.

We only need to recognize that we need God and nothing else. Everything else is up for grabs, because we are His. As a child of God, what is it that you want to ask your Father for?



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