While one thing is happening in your consciousness, something else may—and very likely will—be happening in your immediate physical world that seems contradictory to where you are in your consciousness. Remember: what you give, you receive, and this holds true no matter what.


If you are rich in consciousness, you will see riches manifest even if you have little money. Likewise, if you have a poverty-stricken consciousness, you will attract poverty even if you live in a mansion.



For example, it was a contradiction in the physical world people saw me living in that I should have a Rolls Royce. The car was almost longer than the front door of the church that had twenty people sitting in it—how could I afford to drive such an expensive car to such a small, humble sanctuary? Because that is the nature of prophetic dynamics.


Be grateful for what you have right now. When you have a grateful heart, your emotions will be that of abundance, instead of lack. When you feel abundant, you are creating for your life an abundant life. So a man thinks, so is he. If you on the other hand, are worried and complaining about life, then you will create a future that is filled with the things you are worrying and complained about.


How are you building up your blueprint? You have a blueprint that dictates the future you are living into. The thoughts, the beliefs, and the attitudes you are maintaining today will become the circumstances that you will experience in the future. It’s as simple as that.


Merry Christmas!

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