Believing in the presence of God. I have given my all to Him who is worthy of all praise, of all honor, and all glory. There is nothing that I have kept for myself. Everything we have belongs to Him. Nothing we have brought into this world and nothing we will be able to take with us to heaven.

Prepare yourself to meet your maker. Some sweet day, I want to hear heavenly music with angels all around singing songs of praise to Jesus. He who sits upon the throne of God. I want to see the glorious presence of God Himself when I wake up in glory.

The one who gazes upon Him.

Who loves you with an everlasting love?

The one who has caught the glow and the reality,

That Jesus is not a theory but an indwelling power.

Life itself will change forever.

Our true habitation is with Him,

Who sent us here to be a blessing to all.

Anyone who comes to Him will not be disappointed.

No lonely or forsaken soul will leave empty.

Jesus alone will fill their hearts with joy, peace, and happiness.

Remember, we are here on earth to give the Lord all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise. Just as the choir was singing today…

In His presence, I know there is joy beyond all measure.

And at His feet, sweet peace of mind can still be found.

For when we have a need, He is still the answer.

O reach out and claim it.

For we are standing on holy ground.

Thank you Jesus for speaking to all of us in our service, and, for being so kind and good to all who came. Thank you for delivering us from sin and evil. All fear, all worry, all anxiety is gone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love You today and will love You forever.