One of the unique benefits of we His creatures, is the ability to communicate with God in prayers. Prayer is direct communication with the Lord Himself. From the beginning of times, man had begun calling upon the name of the Lord. There are different kinds of prayers that we can offer to the Lord. Through prayer we have access to the mind of God. We can see His plans for our lives, we can understand His dealings, and what His will for our lives and our world really is. Prayer is more like the breath of the believer. A believer is to be as connected to God in prayer as we breathe every single day. The same way we cannot do without breathing is the same way we cannot do without God.

Prayer connects our hearts to God in a very special way. All through the scriptures, we can see the effect of prayers. We can see how the lives of men and women were changed for good through the power of prayers. Jesus prayed, the apostles prayed, the prophets of old prayed and a host of other great men and women of our faith. Amongst the many instructions and admonitions Jesus gave while on earth, he said we ought to always pray and not to faint. We are not to pray occasionally. We are to pray always. More especially, we are also told about intercession and standing in the gap for the lives of other people. The same way Jesus stands as mediator to the Father, and the Holy Spirit aiding us as we pray; we must also intercede for our fellow men who may be in one need or the other.

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