Great leaders like Moses constantly interceded for the people of Israel. At one time, Abraham (also called the Friend of God) interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah. He pleaded for the lives of the men and women residing there.

If there is one thing we must know, it is that God does things on earth as long as His children permit Him in prayer. Prayer moves God to act on our behalf. Prayer connects us to the power of God and lifts us from the realm of weakness and puts us in the realm of power where we can do all things.

On many occasions, Moses stood in the gap for the children of Israel. At moments when God was angry and desired to destroy the entire nation, Moses usually rose up to plead on their behalf before the Lord.

When Moses led the people out of Egypt, he was faced with a very huge challenge. He had led over a million people out of Egypt, and here they were at the Red Sea. There was nowhere to turn. He cried to God. God gave him an instruction which, he promptly followed. By stretching forth his hand, the waters parted, and they walked on dry ground. We see the power of prayer. We see the power of intercession demonstrated by Moses.

Whenever Moses wanted to intercede for the people before God, he always reminded God that the people were His own people. God was the one who founded the nation of Israel. The nation Israel is a covenant nation. It was not like any other nation on the earth. They were God’s special people. They were people who God decided to establish a covenant with. In this way, we see that Moses was reminding God about what He had done and that these people, though rebellious, were still His chosen people. This was one element of his intercession. He always reminded God that if He destroyed the people, then Egypt will really make fun of them, that it was God who ended up destroying them. God wants to get the glory over our lives every single time. So, many times, God withdrew His anger and judgment after Moses had spoken to Him on their behalf.



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