Contrary to popular belief, heaven is not a place it is a realm. You were  spirit before you were body. You had a life before you came into your body. And, you will have a life after you leave this body. Your life is not confined to your body. Your body is just an earth suit for you to work through on this realm. Your body is a journey suit. You may be wondering why I am teaching this revelation to this degree. In reality, this is not really me teaching. It is an experience that is going on in the inside of me. For, in this spiritual knowledge we grow.


Often, I become displeased with this house that I am living in.  In this house I can feel the dissolving affect. This house is limited. That is why there is a groaning that goes on inside of me for me to be clothed with my home in heaven. Everyday I desire to leave home to go to home. That is the reason why I press in, getting into my meditative state, so that I can project myself to my ideal located place. I have to leave home to find home. You are supposed to be miserable in whatever you are sitting in right now. Your  misery should catapult you into your spiritual ecstasy.



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