The concept of community worship must be revived in the present day church. A huge part of this celebration is making offerings and feasting with God’s people. In the Book of Acts, this was always observed and it made the church thrive.

46 Every day they met together in the temple courtyard. They ate meals together in their homes. Their hearts were glad and sincere. (Acts 2:46)

The early church was big on feasts and on offerings. It was something that kept the community thriving. Giving bonded the community. It is because people wanted to bless the Lord and His people that they enjoyed feasts a great deal.


The children must also be able to think of worship, church, and fellowship as a source of joy. If they come to church, they can experience meeting and enjoying friendships with good people. The community spirit is built from people bringing in an offering to the church, and a contribution to share with their fellow believers.

In Deuteronomy 12:12, the chapter continues to say that the children, servants, and priests must be filled with joy as well. There is a trickle down of blessings, and as a result everyone can take part in the joy of the Lord.

12 Be filled with joy there in the sight of the Lord your God. Your children should also be joyful. So should your male and female servants. And so should the Levites from your towns. The Levites won’t receive any part of the land as their share. (Deuteronomy 12:12)

Servants were included in the household celebration because they were included in the Biblical household, and consequently, participated in family events. The Israelite way of life is this — all who come under their roof, whether servants or strangers, become their responsibility. In keeping with another important Jewish practice, this verse says that the Levites, who are not given an inheritance in terms of land, must be looked after.


Notice how the Lord would always remind the Israelites of the welfare of the priests. He would always remind them to give to the priests and to provide for the priests. Even in the joy of community and of giving, the Lord is still emphasizing the duty of the people to take care of the priests.




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