Man determines your salary, but God determines your income. Every person that works a job had his or her salary determined by man. If you truly desire your income to change, man cannot intervene in this area. Your seed determines your income. If you need more income, simply raise your seed. Never judge a man’s harvest until you have taken the time to investigate his or her seed. It’s only natural and biblical for people to make a big

fuss about what I have.

God blesses me and I am not ashamed of it. “Why am I so blessed,” you ask? It’s because my seed speaks out from the earth. If you want to stop man from determining your salary, become a giver and people will not be able to understand how you can live so extremely well on your salary, because things will just start surfacing in your life. They will never figure it out. Only the spiritually discerning will understand that it’s all because of your giving. The seed determines my income, while man determines my salary. The seed works!


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What income are you asking God for today?