Forging relationships has always been important. It is also a vital part of the self. When two are forged into one, they become stronger and they become a better version of their individual selves. As Smothermon had put it, a relationship is transformed when you create a context for transformation of the relationship. This requires that you “see” that the relationship is transformed; especially must you see this when there is nothing of which you approve going on in the relationship (Smothermon, 1982).


Leadership does not happen inside an individual, but in the context of relationships and in the coordination of actions and practices in a community (Selman, 2007, p.17). Leadership happens in relationships. A leader cannot lead when he has no one to lead.

Relationships are important in leadership. If a leader cannot relate to his followers, or if there are no connections to put them together as one, it will be a hard time for the both of them to work towards a common goal. People may have different ideas, but when they have a working relationship, they get to put aside their egos and push on toward working together.

Commitment is related to the nature of language and to the fact that everything that we will say will open and close possibilities simultaneously; we need someone else apart from ourselves to relate to our natural “blindness,” to those things that we don’t know that we don’t know (Selman, 2007). As an individual, we may be blinded by our own thinking. What we think may not necessarily be truth to other people.

In relationships, we can be assured that we are not only seeing one side of the box. Because we have people to support us, we can see things in a new light. We human beings naturally tend to adapt to a fixed reality and become victims of our own life stories, and explanations about the world and how it works (Selman, 2007). We should not let this happen in our relationships and organizations. This kind of fixed mind-set puts us in a very vulnerable position of losing.

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What kind of relationships are you forming? List them and determine which of those contributes to the realization of your vision and fulfillment of your destiny and purpose.