How can you experience heaven on earth? Do you feel like you are in heaven or in hell right now? Being rich is a science. There is nothing more organized than the system God has in place for prosperity — it’s not an economic system, it’s a spiritual system. Unfortunately, the poor is ignorant of this system, or if they do know, they don’t believe in it. As a result, they live impoverished lives.

It disturbs me that many of my  people are poor and broken.  It concerns me that my people live life disgusted rather than joyously. Therefore, I must give you precious gemstones, the principles of empowerment. I could easily be a common and conventional minister, and preach messages and to you about a heaven on the other side  of this experience. That is exactly what the oppressor wants you to believe.  Instead, I chose to get heaven inside of you. If I can get heaven in you, you  can be guaranteed that you’ll have heaven on the other side too.


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Why do you think Heaven is in the NOW and is HERE?