Success is closer to you than you actually realize. The whole issue concerning success is really not as complicated as people

may think it is. The primary difference between success and failure can be

summed up in one word—information. The word information has within

it two similar words form and formation. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was. . .

(Genesis 1:2) In the very beginning the earth

had no form and it was empty.  Wherever there is no form there will always

be an absence of knowledge or in other words darkness.   The only cure for

ignorance or the absence of knowledge is, Then God said, “Let.”

The simple utterance of God’s voice giving permission to allow is the

main ingredient that releases all things to come into being. When God

speaks He speaks information, truth that changes the very nature of what

is, into what will be. Both words form and formation give a clue that information has the ability to bring form and structure to things.  When

I use this word information I do not simply mean the gathering of facts

and data but rather information used and applied.  It makes no sense at

all to have information yet not use it.  It is when you apply information

that you tap into the wellspring of bountiful blessings and unlimited sup-

ply. And since I have the information, the secrets of the successful; it is

my responsibility to prepare you for wealth.

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How does the words “let God” change your life today?