No one builds a building overnight. It starts with the intention to build one. After which someone renders a blueprint for the building of what it will look like once it’s done. The blueprint is turned into a detailed copy, with full technical specifications. Builders need to have the funds and the materials they need for construction. Building any structure requires a great cost, not just financially but in terms of time, energy, and commitment. The actual construction of buildings takes from months to years. After which, it needs to be furnished before it is ready to be occupied.

The tabernacle project God intended for the Israelites is similar. The project started with God telling Moses that He wanted to dwell with the people. God described His dwelling place in detail. He even showed Moses some sort of prototype. He carefully explained how to build it. It took some time for the Israelites to build it.26 God could have built it with His word. However, He made building the tabernacle a process in which the Israelites learned to listen to instruction and to obey Him.

In the context of the târumah offering, God does not need your offering to the priest. He can easily provide it Himself by making things appear. However, He wants to involve you in the work. God wants you to contribute, because you change in the process of giving.

In the process, the people sinned. There had been unexpected delays when the people sinned. The people set up an alternative worship service around the golden calf. They got distracted. God still forgave their sin through Moses’ intercession. They were ready to start construction.

When we are disobedient, there are delays in where we should be in our spiritual walk. We allow ourselves to get distracted by the things of this world, when the truth is, we cannot find anything better and more significant than fulfilling the purposes of God in our lives.



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