How do fathers turn away from their children?

God can turn fathers’ hearts away from their children simply by ignoring them or being so consumed by work that all the children get is the dregs of the father’s life.

Abusive fathers can turn their hearts away from their children. Fathers’ communication with their children may be a litany of disapproval and put-downs that they don’t even hear themselves say. Why? Because their hearts are not in it for the children. It is frozen in a habitual unkindness posture. Worse, it can sometimes be the result of child sexual abuse. The father’s heart is curled around like a snake in love with its tail, consuming itself with filthy passions.

Finally, fathers’ hearts can be turned away from their children by an embittered spirit of disappointment. The children can forget them. More so, they would let the father down in the way they live, or that they have taken the father for granted and never expressed gratitude for all you have done. So, where is the heart? A poisonous puddle of self-pity threatens to turn into an ocean of resentment.

Men with Hearts of Love

Fatherhood is the foundation of the heart and love of God. And that is what is missing from this generation. All the insurmountable problems we are facing as a nation today go back to the home, which is the most significant centralized force in any society. A lack of strong, fatherly leadership in the house is the precursor to a nation’s demise. Thank God for all the moms who have done it successfully on their own, but that never was heaven’s design. 

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