Foundation Layers

Fathers are the foundation. They establish their son’s (or daughter’s) identity, value, and worth, so that a child never doubts their father’s love for them. Without this assurance, sons may grow up hurt, angry, and confused, unsure of who they are or where they are going. The father’s approval stamp becomes the foundation of his son’s life, identity, and future.

The way a child sees themselves, the way God sees them, the way they see themselves in relation to others, their perspective and outlook on life, their expectations of who they can become, and their future place and influence in the world are all formed early in their life through the establishment of their identity. Fathers are crucial. Many fathers are unaware of the critical and indispensable role in imprinting their signature on their son’s identity.

The Dads Set the Identity

 Children, particularly sons, identify with their fathers. Many children are limited because their fathers never addressed or defined their identity. When you refer to your son as “my son,” “my precious son,” “my beloved son in whom I am well pleased,” or “my son who brings unspeakable joy to my heart,” you are stamping your approval and value on him.

What characteristics have you given your children? Think back to how to call your kids. What adjectives do you like to use? You must make sure you affirm their identities in the Lord.

Their identity and self-perception are usually proportional to the amount of spoken blessing and love they receive from their fathers. As fathers, we must love and affirm our children, but we must also teach them what God thinks of them and who they are in Christ. Their worth and esteem stem primarily from the high price and great sacrifice Jesus made to save us.

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