The emotional toll of losing the dad

Even if single-parent households are typical, there is often an invisible impact on the daughters when fathers leave their mothers.

Fathers who leave their daughters may leave them with emotional wounds that manifest in promiscuous behavior.  Unfortunately, women who grew up without father figures often become desperate for male attention. Females who lost their father figures to divorce or abandonment tend to seek much more attention from men and have more physical contact with boys their age than girls from intact homes. Moreover, male attention does not fill in the void they have inside in longing for their fathers, and they end up feeling more insecure as an outcome.  

These females would consistently seek refuge for their missing father, and as an outcome, there is a constant need to be accepted by men from whom they aggressively seek attention. Thus, losing a father would alter their perception of men, and they may develop abandonment issues and difficulty in forming lasting relationships with men. Since fatherless girls seek attention from males, this may explain their promiscuous behavior. Such emotional distress led to teenage pregnancy, abortion, and many times interrupted studies.   

Self-esteem issues

Fatherless daughters tend to have self-esteem issues. Moreover, some kids often blame themselves when their dads leave home and become less involved in their lives. As a result, they feel they are not worth their fathers’ time, so they abandon them. When they are not explained why their fathers left, they make up their scenario and jump to the conclusion that it’s their fault and that they’re unlovable.  


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