The timing of the father’s absence in the daughter’s life is linked to teenage pregnancy and too young sexual promiscuity. According to the study, early conduct problems and exposure to familial and ecological stressors predicted sexual activity in girls. Girls’ personalities, environment, and lifestyle heightened the risk of teenage pregnancy.  

A fatherly figure is a crucial factor to a solid nuclear family. God did not design mothers to fulfill the father’s role. Sometimes, they would also date several men to find a suitable mate for her and her children. According to another study, the female child may “learn” dating behavior earlier by mimicking their mothers. Thus, researchers can trace girls’ early dating behavior to the father’s absence. Sadly, promiscuous behavior in fatherless girls also leads one to unstable emotional health.  


The increase in teen pregnancy and early sexual activity was not the only outcome of fatherlessness. Fatherlessness also resulted in significantly higher abortion rates than those women who both mother and father raised.  MARRI shows that among women between the ages of 15-44 who have ever had one or more abortions, 53.3% of them were raised in a broken family, as opposed to two biological or adoptive parents from birth. There is substantial evidence showing how women who grew in a household that included their fathers were less likely to have an abortion in their lifetimes. In a sample set of women who lived with their biological mothers and stepfathers at 14, 36% of them had abortions. On the other hand, only 15.5% of women who lived with their biological mother and father had abortions.

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