Shifting Your Actions

The implications of such a counter-intuitive viewpoint for our emotions and conduct are enormous. This means that in order to change a feeling, we must first modify the behavior that goes along with it. A person suffering from depression, for example, will experience depression. If this person wishes to quit feeling depressed, he must first change his depression-related behaviors. This is when things become complicated. A depressed individual will not desire to do any task or activity since they lack the necessary energy. The difficulty with this is that he does nothing when the person continues to avoid charges.

Being lazy and unproductive might result in not accomplishing anything. As a result, feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and hopelessness persist. However, if a person decides to undertake a task or engage in physical activity even though they do not want to, it provides a sense of success and worth. So, in this case, the exercise alleviated the sadness rather than the sense of accomplishment and value.

No Time Like Now

The truth is that we cannot wait till we feel like doing work; we must do what we must even if we do not feel like doing it since the sentiments will undoubtedly follow. In terms of cravings, if we wish to manage them, we must first change the behavior that goes along with them. Our actions and behaviors influence our desires in response to them. To address the craving, we must first address our activities and conduct.


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