Words have a powerful impact on humanity. When we speak to someone who deserves respect, we choose our words very wisely. When we want someone to feel better, we give encouragement to lift his or her spirit up. At the same time, words can be powerful when we use them to hurt or humiliate someone.



So, what if we used our words carefully instead to create and manifest positive changes in our lives? Many thought leaders and successful businessmen actually use the power of declaration to make things happen. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thought that you get? Are you excited for a brand-new day? Are you grateful that God has given you another day to live? Or do you start the morning by complaining right away, having negative thoughts?


Notice how your first thoughts in the morning affect the rest of your day. There may be situations in your day-to-day life that you cannot control, but you can always take charge of how you feel and think. The way you react to the things that go on around you show what is truly in your heart, for as the Bible says:

43 “A good tree doesn’t bear bad fruit. And a bad tree doesn’t bear good fruit. 44 You can tell each tree by the kind of fruit it bears. People do not pick figs from thorns. And they don’t pick grapes from bushes. 45 A good man says good things. These come from the good that is stored up in his heart. An evil man says evil things. These come from the evil that is stored up in his heart. A person’s mouth says everything that is in their heart. (Matthew 6:43-45)


We frequently hear people say there’s power in declaration, and the power of declaration allows us to turn things around by affirming the good things that we want out of life. It gives us the opportunity to create our realities. When things aren’t going your way or life seems to treat you unfairly, catch yourself before you go deep into those negative thoughts and create a new situation for yourself by declaring it. You can change your circumstances through declaration.


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