Given that we have received a Group Word that allows us as a community to move forward towards transformation, the question is why do some groups still fail? What is the reason behind collective failure? Is it disobedience on the part of the members of the group? Is it a lack of unity?


  1. Otto Scharmer (2007) talked about the presence of blind spots. We deal with challenges with groups and we experience failures because we are blind to the deeper dimension of leadership and transformational change. A blind spot exists not only in collective leadership, but also in everyday social transactions. Often times, we are blind to the source by which our leadership and social action come into being. The source comes from within ourselves that we fail to check and to examine from time to time.


It is easy to know what leaders do and how they do it. We call this leadership processes and styles. However, we know very little about the inner place by which these leadership processes and styles have emerged from, the source from which they operate (Scharmer, 2007). In the inner place of each individual, there exists the blind spots. A person who is blameless, a person of integrity, is aware of his or her blind spots.


Successful leaders depend on the quality of attention and intention that the leader brings into any situation. The nature of the inner space in the leaders is a mystery to us. However, what we do know is that a person of integrity aligns what he or she shows externally with what exists internally. This person is able to receive and impart the Group Word, as well as to lead the group towards transformation.


Scharmer (2007) stressed that we live in a time wherein there is a need for a new consciousness and a new collective leadership capacity to meet challenges in a more conscious, intentional, and strategic way. This creates for our group the ability to create a future of greater possibility. This new consciousness and leadership capacity still boils down to how well we receive and accept the Group Word.


The question is how do we go about receiving the Group Word, the same way that groups/communities in the Bible were able to do so powerfully that they were able to impact their generation and the generations thereafter. Scharmer (2007) came up with the U Theory, the U as one process with five movements, which included co-initiating, co-sensing, presencing, co-evolving, and co-creating.



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