You got on track because you were in bed with the enemy. You have to be careful about whom you are sleeping with. You have to be very careful to guard your mind from proponents of lack and small thinking. Who are you sleeping with? You can look at your bed partners and tell what you are going to wake up with. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. That is why you better watch whom you say I do to, because you are sharing the same pillow. Wherever you lay your head, or who you lay your head with, determines how you dream.


Notice people in the scriptures lay down in death and resurrect in something else. Samson laid his head in the lap of Delilah and woke up and discovered his strength was gone. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. Don’t confuse this message with your physical bed. I am talking about the person that is sleeping with you in consciousness, that has you doing things a certain way. That determines how far you go in life. It also determines where you go in life, and what your end will look like.


Here is the pivotal point, the point you’ve been waiting for. The moment you make a decision within yourself that you are going to walk a certain way, others that are not in that certain way, will not come your way. You are in your right mind. Make the right choice!



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Father God in me, I thank you for the truth of the word of God, which comes to set me free. Now, father, teach me how to do things in a certain way that will cause certain success, right success. I make a decision to connect with right people, right sets of circumstances, right conditions.


Father God, I worship you. I thank you now for the wisdom, the truth of your words. Live in me, become large in me, and explode in me in a dimension that I have never known. Now, Heavenly Father, I thank you for stretching my imagination, for causing me to grow mentally and come into the liberty that you have ordained of me.