The decline of the Manly Man

There are many reasons why men don’t seem to be masculine (and equally, lack of femininity in women, as these situations mirror one another). Among other things, Western culture tells us that it is no longer a man’s job to take care of women. Instead, it is now a woman’s job, which means that women need to be more masculine and lower standards and expectations for men. It’s also common for people and the media to tell women that men can’t be trusted or are too lazy.

Independent Women

In communication with girls and women, this is something that isn’t said. It starts at a young age. Girls are told to do well in school and be overprotective and over-competitive at the expense of friendship, trust, and vulnerability. Society now expects women to be independent in more ways than just money. They are also likely to be disconnected emotionally and socially. Overall, the message is that men aren’t good enough. You can’t trust or rely on them.

Some people think that women are less capable than men, and there is also a culture of achievement that makes women compete with each other and with men in the workplace at the same time.

We are mourning the loss of a masculine identity that began to fade a century ago. We are facing and talking about it right now. When it came to gender in the early twentieth century, masculinity was a lot more stressful and tense than it is now. While women have more representation and success in the academic and professional worlds, fewer and fewer men are going to college and pursuing their educational dreams. Middle-aged white men were dying at a rate “similar to the number of lives lost in the U.S. AIDS epidemic through mid-2015,” a study at Princeton found in 2015. (Case and Deaton 15078). This is primarily because of suicides and drug overdoses, which show that people aren’t getting help for their mental health problems.

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