How to tame your desires

The key to keeping ourselves holy and pure and focused on God is to tame our desires. The first step in taming our cravings so they do not transform into idolatry is identifying them. If you were to fill in the blank, “If I could have ________, then I’d be happy,” what would you fill the blank with? What will be your “that”? What is it that you often think would make you happy, more satisfied with life, or more fulfilled?  

Sometimes, identifying our desires isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is essential, therefore, for us to be able to pay attention to our thoughts. What kind of thoughts do we find ourselves preoccupied with? Maybe some of us would ask things like, Am I smart enough? Am I successful? Am I lovable? These thoughts are simply different ways of expressing our desires that could potentially bring us away from God. These questions are just like asking, “If only I were smart enough, then I’d be happy,” or “If only I were successful enough, then I’d be happy,” or “If only I were in a relationship, then I’d be happy.”   

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