The Group Word is the “glue” that holds these individuals together. It can be described as whatever the members have in common. However, it is not just any thing; it needs to be something that is important enough to lead them to join and to actively participate in the pursuit (Block & McKnight, 2011).


When it comes to the body of believers, the glue that holds them together is Jesus Christ. The Gospel holds these individuals together. The Word of God enrolled them to come together to reach out to the unbelieving world. It is not enough that they all have read the Bible. It is the fact that they believe in the Word of God and that it has changed their hearts that they have come together as one.


When you look at your family, your relationships, your communities, and your organizations, what is the glue that holds you together? We are not looking for something that you have in common with another person. We are looking for something that is inspirational enough to move you, even change you.

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What is that GLUE that binds you together with your group?