In the Old Testament, when you read through the list of acceptable sacrifices, you should feel grateful that you don’t need to live that way. However, we must take note of how specific God was in giving instructions that dictated true worship. Every sacrifice had a purpose, a method, and a particular application. One sacrifice cannot double for another. Each is separate and individual. Each required a perfect sacrifice — best, without blemish, and carried a cost for the person making the offering. Primarily, we need to grasp that people considered the sacrifice as an investment for the true worshipper; it had a cost to be paid and it required commitment.

It is true that Jesus is the one-and-only perfect sacrifice. However, if we say Christians must not sacrifice at all, then where does Lordship come in. It is natural that sacrifice is involved, because as sinners we are the little lords of our lives. When we say Jesus is Lord and live out this truth, then that in itself is a life of sacrifice.


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Knowing about Old Testament sacrifice rituals, do you appreciate the work of Jesus, the Lamb of God?