What is prophetic writing? Also, how is prophetic writing unique in relation to other types of composition? To start with, the word prophet or prophetic ought not trigger feelings of “dread” or “creepiness”. Prophets are not clairvoyants, but rather true prophets are teachers on a basic level. Genuine prophets are couriers.

On the off chance that you would like to record what God is saying to you, this information is for you. God is developing journalists who want to reveal His will through writing. I recall when God released this gift in my life. I would hear a word or expression in my soul. The words would repeat themselves in my spirit until I sat aside some time to compose what I heard. As I composed, the Spirit of the LORD started to talk. He spoke His heart as I composed. Many times, the words were in the form of poetry, songs, and other times motivation.

Over time, my obedience to write granted a new level. I released both warnings and requests to pray for the nations. My written words from Father turned into a stage to instruct His people, or those with “ears to hear and a heart purged with atonement.” Are you called to teach God’s children through prophetic writing? Maybe your prophetic writing is as verse, melody, screenwriting, copywriting, specialized composition, consolation, cautioning, and so forth. Whatever your type of prophetic composition, let God use you as His vessel of ink to bring trust, mending, harmony, support, and cautioning to His people and to those with “ears to hear.”