Insecurity and Rebellion

The emotional and spiritual effects of fatherlessness is disturbing. The following are symptoms of fatherlessness. First, there is insecurity or a sense of inferiority because of neglect, lack of affirmation, or abandonment. These men would walk around with insecurities that negatively impact their relationship in business, ministry, and marriage. These boys never completely trust their abilities, and they don’t commonly trust other people around them to do right by them. This sense of inferiority complex causes them to hide their low self-esteem by projecting an overtly macho persona, full of confidence, but deep inside, truly afraid.  

Men who have experienced fatherlessness have a hard time inwardly submitting to any form of spiritual authority. Fatherless men have a distrust for authority figures. They mostly make their own decisions without getting objective counsel. If they do get counsel, they ultimately do what they want to do anyway because they don’t believe anyone entirely looks out for their interests.  


There is excellent competitive drive due to the comparisons with other men. They have a greater need to prove their worth. Some men’s insecurities cause them to compare themselves with other men constantly. They are always looking for ways to outdo other men. They want to prove that they are better, despite having grown up without a father.  

Fatherless men are often driven by selfish ambition with an innate need to please their fathers. Many fatherless men are psychologically living their lives to prove to their fathers that they are worthy of their father’s love, whether dead or alive. The interesting thing about this behavior is that they may even hate their fathers, but they are unaware that they are emotionally geared to secure their dad’s approval.  

Disconnected to Sons

Another sad impact of fatherlessness is that men cannot relate to their biological sons. Most of the time, they have no clue how they can emotionally connect with their sons and daughters. One man only played video games with his son. When asked why he could not have a decent conversation with his son, he confessed that he had no idea how to be a father to his son because he never had a father in his life.  

Anger Issues and Inability to Connect to Fathers

Fatherless men also are not comfortable having spiritual fathers. These men struggle with anger and trust issues regarding their fathers, have a hard time with those in the Body of Christ and be spiritual fathers. They clam up and stop speaking freely. Moreover, these men also get nervous or try hard to relate and please them. They hide their struggles because they fear the spiritual father will use them against them. 

Fatherless men also have a hard time connecting to the love of God the Father. Some fatherless men have a hard time fellowshipping and enjoying their Father in heaven because they have a works mentality. They try to approach Him with their sense of perfection to prove their worth. They do not have a good earthly model of fatherhood from their natural fathers, and they have no understanding of how to relate to God the Father and His unconditional love.  


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