Are you honest with the Lord in the payment of your tithes? Living this divine law will bring both spiritual and material blessings. -Ezra Taft Benson

You might think that tithing is for all. Yes, that is the ideal, and that is how we are designed – to worship with our all, including our finances. However, not all people give their tithes because first and foremost they do not believe in God.

A good example of this is that of giving to a stranger. Will you give someone the tenth of your finances if you do not know that person fully well? Will you still give even if you do not know where your money will go after?

I am pretty sure you will not. Think about it. If you do not believe in God, will you give Him your money? How will you give a portion of your wealth to a God whom you do not believe in?

The Integrity of Tithing Begins with Our Faith

We are capable to give our tithes because in our hearts we know where our wealth comes from. In other words, we know and believe that what is ours is owned by God. This makes tithing an act that we do out of love and free will.

Tithing and God’s Faithfulness

God is always faithful to us even if we aren’t to Him. God always gives more. He does not give less than His. God always gives unfailingly. This is the integrity of God’s faithfulness that makes people give in faith.

If we can never outweigh God’s faithfulness, what more His integrity? If God blesses us completely and faithfully, then all the more we can return to Him the tenth of what He has given us. There is no single reason why we cannot tithe in integrity.

However, if the integrity of God’s faithfulness is questioned, then that is the only time we start doubting our giving. For example, you think that God has forgotten you or you feel like God is not blessing you anymore. Will you still find it easy to bless Him in return?

Tithing Allows Us to Give Because We Have Received So Much More

Remember that God’s ability to bless us is beyond question. Do not ever think that God is not faithful to you at all. The mere fact that you are still breathing is great evidence that God is blessing you. Tithing is not about our abilities to return to God what He has given us. It is more of the faithfulness of God to bless us. Keep in mind that the reason why we can give back is because we have been given with so much.

Your Stand on Tithing

Do you believe that tithing is a faith issue? Why? How do you perceive the faithfulness of God in your life? Is God’s faithfulness sufficient for you to bless Him with the tenth of your finances? If yes, in what ways? If no, why?

It’s time to take a moment to discover how you personally feel about tithing…