What is your divine intuition telling you about your finances? You know there is something there. You know there are directions from the Lord, but you just cannot seem to get clarity of it. It’s because too much is going on in your mind — the bills, the deadlines, the next big thing you need to do and so on. It’s hard to be still and just focus on this quiet voice that you actually need to listen to.

Have an Edge to Make a Change

Usually, divine intuition or Spirit will ask you to do something that seems contrary to your nature so that you can receive your miracle. You cannot get ahead in life unless you are cutting-edge, and some of you have lost your edge. When you try to fit into the masses, your blade becomes dull. Don’t lose your edge and become like everyone else. Where do dull scissors or dull knives usually go? They are no longer useful, so they go in the bottom of the drawer or in the trash. When you stop being cutting-edge, there’s no more use for you.

How are your spiritual disciplines? How is your Bible time? How is your prayer time? How are your tithes and offering? How is your fasting time?

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