If there is life in the nucleus, there is potential in the seed. It will draw to itself the necessary means for growth regardless of external conditions. Regardless of the state of the economy, the seed still has the means for growth. If there has been a sudden and catastrophic setback, the seed still has the means for growth. Regardless whether it’s Republican or Democrat, the seed has what it needs to generate growth.


You may just have been laid off from your job. Maybe you live in Michigan where  there’s a 28% unemployment rate, or in Ohio where it’s closer to 30%; either way, the seed has within itself the necessary means for growth. The power of the seed is innate, and it is not affected by outside forces. It is never changing. The seed has the potential and the ability to meet every challenge and achieve every goal.


We make no apologies when we challenge people to sow the seed in a hard time because the seed always has the quality and the necessary means for growth regardless of the condition.

The seed has everything it needs on the inside. All it needs to complete its task is your faith.  Are you withholding the seed because you are going through tough financial times? As you let the power of the seed grow, as you sow it and you allow it to work for you, you will see that the hard season has passed. God is using that seed to test your faith. Where do you place your trust on? Do you place you trust on your seed? Or do you place it on the One who created and provided for that seed?


God is telling you to use this seed to get you through the hard times. You were not supposed to eat the seed. You were not supposed to consume it. You were supposed to sow it and nourish it by faith.  If you did not sow the seed, how can you expect it to bear fruit? How can you expect provisions and breakthroughs to come when the seed that was supposed to give you these things were withheld? The ability of the seed to bless you does not change in the seasons. Use it for the purpose it was given to you for. Sow and see it bear fruit. Sow and be expectant for a harvest.



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What seed is God telling you to reserve and to store away for use during the hard times?