Get a dream big enough to require the supernatural events of God. Put yourself in debt for God. Stretch yourself beyond measure; because you are not humanity, you are divinity. Get a dream that forces the divine intervention of God in you. If it is within your budget, it is not God. Get a dream big enough to require every ounce of faith present in your system. When you get those kinds of dreams, you stop fellowshipping with three by five minds because you become fifteen by twenty rooms psychologically and spiritually.  If you fail to birth the dream God has planted in you, you will become bitter and angry. People that are bitter and angry are people that have failed to birth the dream that God put in them as a seed. Bitterness is simply a response to their displacement. If you do not give birth to your vision, you will lash out at others who are taking giant steps in a small world. When God plants a seed in you, and you do not fulfill that seed, or birth that destiny, you will begin to believe that other people are the reason why you are not successful in life. They will become your problem. Success breeds its own enemies. If you do not give birth to your vision, you will start talking like a victim instead of a victor.


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What vision do you think God wants you to give birth to?