20 Do not despise the words of prophets, 21 but test everything; hold fast to what is good;

1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 NRSV


The Office of the Prophet is one of the fivefold leadership ministries that Jesus set up in the church (Eph. 4:11). The office of a prophet is a calling from God to be a prophet, and to be an overseer of prophets. He is not only God’s mouthpiece who speaks through divine inspiration to build up the church, he also is tasked to train the next generation of prophets and to make significant decisions for the church movement.

The office of a prophet is a calling from God to be a prophet, and to be an overseer of prophets.

The following are specific functions of the Office of the Prophet that we will distinguish in this chapter:

  • Training the saints to discern God’s voice and understand His plans and purpose individually and corporately
  • Giving Instructions in righteousness
  • Giving direction through the Word
  • Giving correction in love
  • Impartation of spiritual gifts
  • Revealing the future as given by the Spirit of the Lord and so on.

The prophet is also called to use his vision to give wisdom, to encourage, and to increase the faith of the Body of Christ. He can minister beyond the local church. The prophet’s role is not to be a spiritual officer who guards against people who sin. Instead, he ministers with love and compassion, as he reveals God’s plan and purpose for people’s lives in agreement with the Word of God.

The plans and purposes of God must not be confused between what God is personally telling you and the prophetic word you receive.


Usually, this prophetic word will be a confirmation or a source of peace of what the Holy Spirit has been telling you all along. These prophets must not be people with bad tempers, who curses, and who calls down the fire of God upon people. Elijah may be like this, but he is not our role model, Christ is — he is the compassionate prophet (2 Kgs. 1:10; Lk. 9:54-56).

Some believers reject the idea that God is still calling people into the Office of the Prophet. However, Scripture does not support this position because the church is still being perfected until the second coming of Jesus.



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