Our scriptures contain Christ’s command. We have an enormous history of the Christian faith which chronicles faithful submission to the Great Commission, along with great stories of men and women who have traveled to various countries to evangelize the inhabitants. The question, however, is, “Are we doing it correctly?” If we are not doing it properly, should there be a reformation of evangelizing tactics?

Don’t get me wrong. There is a very efficient system in place, where benefactors contribute funds to a missionary family, which then goes out into another country to teach the gospel to its people. But asking if this is the system Christ intended for us to execute cannot be avoided I believe that, on top of the systematic missions the Christian faith performs, applying the system itself is crucial so we will effectively engage the world as a whole with the message of Christ.

The call to evangelize is not mutually exclusive to a specific office of the church militant. Pastors, missionaries, elders, deacons, and the common laymen all possess equal responsibility to bring the gospel into the world personally. While contributing money for gospel preaching in other nations is a remarkable practice, if it is the only initiative we take in order to fulfill the Great Commission, then we are failing greatly.

The call to evangelize is a message for each evangelical church as much as it is a message for the entire Church. Each person within the body of Christ must go forth into his or her workplace, school, or other common place of habit, and share Christ’s gospel. We should make disciples of all nations, including, quite literally, our neighbors. What sense does it make if we financially contribute to a missionary overseas but fail to commit to caring for one’s neighbor personally?

Once again, a disturbing lack of apathy among Christians is present, despite their moving emotionalism for specific cases. We may pity the less fortunate, those in third-world countries, or the AIDS victims in Africa; nevertheless, if we fail to care for the needs—either spiritual or physical—of our immediate localities, then we fail in executing Christ’s command in evangelizing the world.

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Is there an area in your life wherein you are experiencing apathy, instead of Christian compassion?