Integrity is about honoring your word. When you declare, “Jesus is Lord,” then your way of being must honor this declaration. The integrity of your faith is proportional to your submission to Jesus’ lordship. The law of integrity states that as integrity declines, workability also declines, and that as workability declines, value also declines. When it comes to your faith, when your step does not move in obedience to God, when you rebel against Him, or when you place yourself in opposition of Him, then the integrity of your faith declines. Eventually, your life’s workability also declines, since you begin to experience the consequences of sin. As this happens, the quality of your life will decline. Similarly, when your faith lacks integrity, that is when you disobey God. When Jesus is not the Master of your life, then nothing will work.

Violating the law of integrity is like breaking the law of gravity. Violating the law of integrity, generates a lot of painful and destructive consequences. Let’s illustrate this concept. If you operate with integrity in your job, i.e. your actions are aligned with the company’s goals, your performance level will increase dramatically, then there will be a great impact in the overall quality of the company’s output.

Similarly, if your faith in God is genuine, then you are likely to obey Him. Your words, thoughts, and actions will be aligned with the Word of God. Moreover, when your way of being is aligned with God’s plans and purposes, then there is integrity in your faith. However, once you go against the Word of God, your integrity will decrease. Sin and compromise will affect your relationship with God.

Integrity is an experience of completeness. When we live in integrity, we live with ease, joy, and power. We are also able to feel that our life seems to be free flowing. Upholding integrity leaves us with no resistance or swimming against the current of life. When we live in integrity, we are completely involved in the natural law of cause and effect and therefore, experience our own accountability in life.

A lot of people are blind when it comes to their moment of being out of integrity, and before they know it, they have already become accustomed to violating the law of integrity, or worse, learn to deny that they have been out of integrity. When it comes to the ways of being of the prophet in the marketplace, the prophet must recognize that he is God’s representative wherever he is and in whatever he is doing. He can be doing his groceries or attending a birthday party, but he is still God’s representative. His way of being as God’s minister does not end when he steps out of the church building. He must uphold the integrity of his faith day-in and day-out.

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What is it about your faith the lacks integrity?