From Seed to Harvest

As we said, self-discipline does not happen overnight. It takes a long time, and many little things happen daily. Self-discipline also means building habits in a planned way to build a strong, resilient, and consistent personality.

Self-discipline needs to be seen as an investment. It lets us put money into ourselves. This is because discipline can be taught to other people. This means that being disciplined in one area can help us be disciplined in another. For example, if you are disciplined enough to get up early every day, you may also be disciplined enough to eat healthy food. The self-control we need to control our cravings can also help us buy only what we need. In other words, working on self-discipline in one area is like planting a seed that can grow into a whole harvest of self-discipline. This kind of self-discipline affects our lives and every other part of them.

It takes work inside to shape a person’s character from a desire to discipline. It allows us to work on our willpower, resilience, grit, and self-control from the inside out. Because of this change on the inside, it shows up in other places. Consider it. The same person who can be self-disciplined about what they eat can also be self-disciplined in their relationships. The same self who is disciplined about reaching career goals is also disciplined about improving themselves.

When we plant a seed of self-discipline, it grows into a whole crop.


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