Chapter by chapter, we have emphasized that satanic attack, worldliness, personal sins, and erroneous view of God are the fundamental hindrances to the power and blessings of Christian speech-act. But along with these, we have also established that the foundation, motivation, example, and power of Christian speech-act are derived from the character of God, His words, His Holy Spirit, from the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, and from Christian integrity. But now, as a matter of closing, let’s conclude this study by looking at the testimony of the Apostle Paul as he spoke about the breakthroughs that happened in his life when he encountered the beauty of the glory of Jesus Christ.

In his epistle to the Christians in Philippi, he wrote a beautiful life’s purpose – the greatest speech-act of breakthrough. In Philippians 3:4-11, Paul recalled the political and religious credentials that he had as a zealous Pharisee.  But one day, in one glorious supernatural encounter on the road to Damascus, Paul realized that all those achievements were just manure compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ as his Lord.


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