Breakdown in families, corruption in society

When families break down, you have a lot of consequences that come with that from poverty, to crime, to the lack of discipline. The male’s presence or absence in the family influences generations significantly.  Since God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, there has been an interruption in the covenantal plan of God. It’s fatherlessness. The repercussions can be staggering when fatherless is prevalent.  

A Spiritual Issue

Fatherlessness is not just a social problem but a spiritual problem. Thus, it cannot be helped by a social solution. The church, not so much as the government, needs to be in the frontline of responding to this crisis of the fatherlessness epidemic.  

Are fathers still important?

Unfortunately, in today’s culture, the role of the father has increasingly become insignificant. This idea is promoted in television shows and movies about how the family can survive without the father. Children grow up seeing this, and it tends to have men asking, “Why should I be a part of my child’s life when culture gives more credibility to the female, without asking the real questions about the role of men?” If culture downplayed the importance of the fathers’ roles, men would not see the need to step up.  

The thing is, one’s self-definition and sense of responsibility must not start with culture. It must begin with one’s relationship with God. There needs to be a recalibration of who has greater authority in our lives — is it God or culture? This recalibration begins in the family environment. The family must have a Kingdom of God worldview, wherein they operate by the standards of God for the mother, father, and how the children grow up.

What must be established?

In establishing this worldview, the parents transfer those principles to the children, learning them themselves. When the parents know those principles and communicate them, they are fighting against the culture and not agreeing to it. The problem is because media and pop culture are so influential nowadays, it’s easy to comply with it because of being bombarded by it all the time. Because of this, parents must have an even more decisive role in concert with the church in influencing their children for light and righteousness. Parents are raising boys who would take responsibility for a family when they grow up.

They are raising girls to choose the right kind of man to be their leader. Training a boy to become the right kind of man establishes the blueprint for how a family should develop.  


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