The Distortion of God’s Word

The cunning serpent wasted no time in approaching the woman, revealing his deceitful nature. He questioned God’s command, planting doubt in the woman’s mind.

In this account, we gain insight into how Satan influenced Judas. Judas made a conscious choice to betray Jesus for personal gain, falling into the same temptation as Eve. He believed he could attain something more for himself, beyond what God could offer. However, such illusions are mere fabrications.

The Devil’s Strategy Unveiled

From the very beginning, the devil’s strategy has been clear—to distort God’s Word and plant doubt. Betrayers often have a distorted view of the perceived benefits and losses that result from their betrayal. Eve fell prey to Satan’s implication that God was mean-spirited, rather than the good and gracious being she had originally experienced.

The Denial of God’s Word

The serpent’s attack continued as he outright denied God’s word, directly lying about what God had said. This strategy persists today, with the devil distorting or denying the truth of God’s Word.

The Seed of Doubt

Eve’s acceptance of the distortion planted the seed of doubt in her mind regarding the veracity and authority of God’s Word. She became primed to betray God. Despite God’s warning of the consequences of disobedience, Eve prioritized her desires over obedience. Adam, present with her, did not intervene but partook in the betrayal. Their actions altered the relationship between God and humanity as they knew it.

The Futility of Excuses

Regrettably, many individuals, despite having free will, are unwilling to accept responsibility for their betrayals. They often make excuses or shift blame elsewhere. Cheating husbands may blame their wives, citing unmet needs or neglect. Adam, too, shifted blame, pointing to Eve and indirectly blaming God Himself. Such individuals attempt to justify their actions and make others feel responsible for their betrayal.

The story of Adam, Eve, and the serpent exposes the deceitfulness that led to the first betrayal. Satan distorted God’s Word and denied its truth, planting doubt in the minds of Eve and Judas. Both individuals succumbed to their own desires, betraying God. Excuses and blame-shifting cannot justify such actions. It is crucial to recognize the tactics of deception and take responsibility for our own choices, rejecting the path of betrayal.

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