You apologize for your actions. You don’t feel yourself existing within the realm of that experience. You feel like public transportation, which is why you don’t yet have a car. Some of you feel like a certain zip code, and that’s why you can’t move to a new one. Some of you feel like a certain class of service, and that’s why you will always be the service rather than become the recipients of it. You keep believing the person you are instead of feeling what the Divine Father and the divine nature say you are.

You have the right and the power to supplant an old condition to bring about a new one.

You have the right and the power to supplant. Jacob was a supplanter. A lot of people have ideas, but if they don’t become anything, they will always remain nothing more than ideas. You express a new idea by clothing it in a new expression.

Wishful thinking is different from purified imagination. The latter is using the creativity God gives you to pretend as if something is true, even if the current circumstances say otherwise. As children, you used to imagine you were superheroes or princesses. In your mind, what you were imagining was real. You felt strong and courageous. You felt pretty and you felt like royalty. The feeling matched what you were imagining. Unfortunately, people told you to grow up and to stop make believing. Innate in the child, in a human being, is the capacity to imagine and to create the future. But people are told to stop.


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