One of the techniques Reverend Ike has taught me to use to get what I want is the Changeless Law. The Changeless Law is feeling. Feeling, once again, is the infallible technique to get what you want. Remember: life may say you are the wrong person, but the blessing will come to you regardless, because you have the right feeling. As we move through the story of Jacob and Esau and discover Jacob is the wrong one, we soon understand that it is the feeling that gets the blessing. Jacob is not, in terms of fact, entitled, because the blessing is supposed to go to the first-born. But, as we discover, he feels like the first-born, and that makes all the difference.


You might be the wrong person to sit in first class. Even so, if you have the feeling that you are entitled to be in first class, somehow, you will end up not sitting in coach. You might be the wrong person to be in the mansion, but if you feel like you “fit” in a mansion and you feel “I AM that mansion,” that mansion is the very home you should live in.


You are capable of having the right feelings. Do not second-guess the goodness of God. You may think, this is not for me, then if you feel it, the Lord will honor your choice. However, if you begin to see beyond the giants you are facing in your life, and you begin to be strong and courageous. You begin to move in audacious faith. God will honor this.


What are you feeling wrong about? Do you feel you do not deserve to be free from debt? Do you feel you don’t deserve to be successful? Cancel out these feelings. Guard your heart, and set your heart upon the blessings of the Lord.


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