Christians often recite the familiar passage from 1 Corinthians 11 during Communion Sunday. However, how many of us have genuinely studied and meditated on each passage section? This blog will examine the distinction between delivery and betrayal and how it relates to our relationship with God.

The Power of Deliverance

In the Bible, we see numerous examples of deliverance. Reuben delivered Joseph from the hand of his brothers, David delivered the people from their enemies, and Moses delivered the daughters of Reuel from the shepherds. The most consistent rescuer in the Bible is Yahweh, who often delivered Israel through human deliverers, such as the judges of Israel or Moses. God delivered His people because of His steadfast love for them.

Understanding the Bread of Betrayal

In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul is speaking about something that has been delivered to him and something that he is delivering to us. He characterizes what is being delivered to him as a prophetic message from God about how we can receive the Bread of Betrayal. The word “deliver” represents passing on something from the sender to the recipient, often like passing on a tradition. The message about the Bread of Betrayal is intended to bring salvation, freedom, security, and protection to those who would heed this Word.

The Role of Betrayal

Betrayal is a painful experience that can shift the direction of our lives. However, the Bread of Betrayal is a message of hope and redemption. Jesus was betrayed on the night He took the bread and the cup, but He used that moment to deliver a message that would bring salvation to those who believe in Him. Through His betrayal, we have been delivered from sin and death.

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