The next chapter talks about the importance of bringing in the offerings that the Lord prescribed, where He commanded it to be brought, and how the people would be filled with joy, as a result. God places His name in the place He commands people to bring their offering to.

11 The Lord your God will choose a special place. He will put his Name there. That’s where you must bring everything I command you to bring. That includes your burnt offerings and sacrifices. It includes your special gifts and a tenth of everything you produce. It also includes all the things of value that you promised to give to the Lord. 12 Be filled with joy there in the sight of the Lord your God. Your children should also be joyful. So should your male and female servants. And so should the Levites from your towns. The Levites won’t receive any part of the land as their share. (Deuteronomy 12:11-12)


Correct worship brings a joy the world cannot replicate. Worship is for everyone. The Levite is especially noted because he is not given a place of inheritance like others, but he must still worship in the place God designated.


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